Treat Acne on Black Skin

Treat Acne on Black Skin

REFRESHEN Super Premium African American microdermabrasion Cream is formulated for Black skin. The latest research was used in the African American formulation. This product contains more of what black skin likes and responds well to. (Same Crystals Two Different Creams) Daily REFRESHEN treatments are the safest most cost-effective way to remove acne and darkened areas on black skin. Daily treatment with REFRESHEN will turn back your skin’s physiologic clock refreshing your face and dramatically reducing darkener areas of skin, including those persistent dark spots and patches. You will see the difference right away.  

Be Gentle on Black Skin with Acne

Black skin has more oil glands than white skin because of your ancestors exposure to the sun. Black skin's oil glands are larger than white skin's This makes black skin more susceptible to acne from blocked pores. The difference between a small pimple on white skin and the same pimple on black skin is that; under a microscope, there is a lot more inflammation around the pimple on black skin. (I know, another unfair thing.) Because the inflammation reaction in black skin is more severe than white skin, this results in dark spots and in keloids (an exaggerated type of scaring). You know that black skin forms dark spots with very little encouragement, like pimple squeezing which you should never do. This means that black people must take better care of their skin and their acne in order to prevent and treat scaring and dark spots. Daily treatments with REFRESHEN is the fastest, most effective way to treat black skin for Acne and to lighten all darkened areas, spots or patches. Get results you can see!

Learning to Use Microdermabrasion

Use once a day, in the shower. In the beginning you are teaching yourself how much to scrub. Your skin should feel scrubbed afterwards, so you can tell you have done something, but never sore or stinging. That would be too much scrubbing. You should apply a generic Benzoyl Peroxide product twice daily to areas of regular Acne breakouts. The application of any topical products including moisturizers is many times more effective after your REFRESHEN microdermabrasion treatment because you have just reduced the skin’s barrier which is the keratinized tissue. There is no reason that you should not look and feel awesome.
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