"I have been struggling with acne on my face ever since I hit puberty at a young age. Being self-conscious of my complexion always drew me back from drawing attention even during milestones in my life–high school graduation, college graduation, and so on. The only way I could treat my acne efficiently before was by spending hundreds of dollars on an expensive dermatologist and pills (which are not the safest thing to take for a year, much less a lifetime). Now with Donna Lisa’s Refreshen microdermabrasion cream I control my breakouts and my face feels very smooth. It’s a great way to have a clean slate for the morning regimen. I have been using DL going on a year now, it will play a great part for my wedding day preparations! Thank you for everything, including the wonderful customer service (I believe I spoke with Donna Lisa once). You all are amazing and this product really brings results!"

Thank you,
Susie from El Paso, Texas

"I received the sample yesterday and used it last night.

Wonderful product! Top quality! Excellent Value! Smooth Results!

I’ve been looking for a product like this for years. After living with skin allergies for over 50 years, this product works beautifully. The control is literally at my fingertips to thoroughly cleanse my skin. The high volume of particles is efficient and then washes off well. This product has a great consistency and leaves your skin clean but not dried out."



"I met you two a month ago, well, I fell in love with what your cream did for my skin. My skin had never looked so beautiful in all my life. I have been out of the cream for over a week now and my face has broken out again. I just went on line and purchased a large bottle and am hoping it doesn’t take very long to get to me."

Breanne Wilcox
Beaverton, OR

"I am a 48 year old women who has never had perfect skin so it always bothered me when anyone would touch my face. I’ve just finished my first jar of Donna Lisa’s Microdermabrasion cream and can’t believe the difference in my skin. It’s become softer and younger looking. I would always say “No” if a person were to touch my face and I would pull away and feel uncomfortable. Not any more! I will use this product forever.

Thank you, so very much"

Maggie Osorio
Portland, OR

"Before my face was dull, and dry, and just one use my face had a youthful and vibrant look and feel, so smooth and soft (my honey keeps kissin my checks). And now after more uses I am noticing the dark circles under my eyes are going away. This is GREAT STUFF!"

Sherry Deason
Senior Loan Officer

"Michael noticed my acne breakouts. I explained how much money I spent on expensive creams from the dermatologist which do not work. Also those dry derm-abrasion treatments from the estheticians were draining my checking account and causing me to break out even more. He suggested that I try Donna Lisa’s microdermabrasion. I was skeptical at first because I lost all hope of my skin ever rejuvenating again. I did try it immediately and my face felt rejuvenated after 1 use. After 3 days my face began to glow and felt soft and smooth. I could not believe it. The next time I saw Michael I could not stop thanking him. THANK YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN MICHAEL."

Cindy Kanick, RN
Salem, OR

"Nothing works as well or, is even remotely as value-generous as Donna Lisa’s. I have used every single microdermabrasion cream there is, I mean every single one and Donna Lisa’s is the absolute best. You can’t believe how big the jar is. No kidding, try this stuff."

John Paul
Burlington, VT

"I have used your microdermabrasion cream and I could not believe the instant results. I was quite skeptical at first, but now, I would recommend this product to everyone who would like to take care of their skin. It’s very very affordable for a large quality. Keep up the good work Donna Lisa and Michael!"

CC Limperatrice
Hillsboro, OR

"I am very impressed with this product. Within a few short weeks of using it, I noticed that the acne scars on my face disappeared. In addition, my face is soft like milk."

Anita Tadavarthy, licensed acupuncturist
Tigard, OR

"Hello, my name is Brenda Lovelady, and I’ve been using your product since my daughter Melinda brought me one of the two jars you sent her. I am already seeing improvement in my skin even though its only been about 2 or 3 weeks!! I think that giving such a generous sample will in turn make you that much more of a success in your business. Please forward me your phone number, or your address, as I would like to order some for my mother as a birthday gift."

Thank-you again,

Brenda Lovelady
Lake Oswego, OR

"Donna Lisa’s Microdermabrasion Cream is truly a miracle! My skin has never looked better!

Over the past twenty-five years I have had every type of fancy solon and spa facial, from European to chemical peels to dermabrasion facials. Most times my face either broke out or was only marginally better and I was a lot poorer. Now I can do my own facial at my convenience at a fraction of the cost with superior results.

This product is “out of this world” fantastic. I’ve bought it for all my friends even though I wanted to keep it my little secret."

Dr. Lynn Strand

Lake Oswego, OR

"I have been using Donna Lisa’s microdermabrasion sample for over a week now. My skin looks and feels so much smoother. Any acne that I had when I started this treatment went away. I had hard little whiteheads that have been under my skin for many, many months and they are actually starting to surface. My skin tone is much more even. I don’t have to wear as much makeup as before. I am really excited about this product and am very glad I ordered the sample. Will definitely use this product."

Thank you,

Samantha Anderson
Clifton, TX

"I was given this to me by a friend in a basket of beauty products for my birthday feeling down just turning forty. Well, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! Makes my face smooth, soft and the texture is wonderful. Thanks for making me feel 20 again and for skin that looks it."


"Hi. I just got my free sample and have been using it for about 3 or 4 days now. All I can say is WOW! I wasn’t expecting my face and neck to feel as soft and pure as they did…and are continuing to feel.

I just ordered my first jar, and I can’t wait for it to arrive! I have just finished 6 months of laser treatments on my face and this is just what I needed. The treatments left my skin very red, dry, and irritated in spots. This cream has made it so much better!

I look forward to getting my cream. Keep up the good work!!."

Tiffany Rhodes
South Riding, VA

"Thanks! It is wonderful stuff…. better than going to the Dermatologist!"

Bobbi Crann
Poway, CA

"I just love the Microdermabrasion cream. I’ve always liked exfoliating my skin. This is so easy, using in the shower every day. My skin looks great and feels so smooth."


Amy Reneau
Austin, TX

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