2 oz Creams and Moisturizers $29.95 / 8 oz Creams $59.95
Wow! Is this stuff ever great and I‘ve used them all. Refreshen is way ahead. It is so much better than anything else out there and the price is down there with the fake microdermabrasion creams. How cool is that!
Amarillo TX

Turn Back Your Skin’s Physiologic Clock 

Refreshen performs a simple physiologic task, accelerated exfoliation. Rapid cell exfoliation leads directly to faster cell production and replacement. This advances fresher, healthier skin with improved elasticity and skin texture, like when you were younger. Fresher, healthier skin comes with a bonus; a major reduction in winkles and discolorations plus the elimination of acne blemishes, if you have any.  
I am a 48 year old woman who has never had perfect skin and I have just finished my first 8 oz jar of Refreshen. My skin is softer and younger looking. Before if a man were to touch my face I would pull away. Not anymore. I will use this stuff forever. Thank you so very much!
Portland,  OR 

Works Both Immediately & Long Term 

Over several months microdermabrasion will even reduce acne scaring that you’ve had for forty years. No kidding. Eight weeks of use alters your keratinized tissue layer to a thinner stage which enhances your skin’s surface qualities, like absorption, which is necessary to get the real value out of expensive moisturizers and cell regenerators. The keratinized tissue is the barrier and that gets thicker as you get older. You will see a big difference right away. It usually takes people a week or so before they allow themselves to believe that it is not wishful thinking, yes their appearance is really improving. Refreshen will make you look and feel better, refreshed. These are results you can see right away and over the long run. Why pay more for less? Is there a single reason in the world that you should not look as good as possible? We don’t think so.  
Refreshen Microdermabrasion cream is truly a miracle for me. Over the last 25 years I have tried every single facial treatment available both in Europe and here. I’ve done the peels, the dry dermabrasion and so many other things that I can’t even recall them all. All of those treatments worked minimally or caused me to break out and they were very expensive. Refreshen is out of this world fantastic and I have bought it for all my friends even though I kind of wanted to keep it my little secret.   
Dr. Lynn Strand 
Lake Oswego, OR   

Use Today and See a Difference 
in the Mirror Today 

The secret of youth, no longer wasted on the young, is accelerated skin exfoliation. To capture this effect of “turning back your skin’s physiologic clock” you are well advised to use daily microdermabrasion. Eight weeks is the minimum time required to force your skin’s physiology to change, i.e. to accelerate cell exfoliation and replacement. Nothing will compel human skin cell physiology to change any faster. You can sand your face off with a floor sander and that will not improve you. Microdermabrasion is an all natural method of altering your skin cell regeneration process without using hormones or steroids which are harmful. Refreshen also works well on sun damaged skin which is thick, leathery and will tend to have hard crease lines. You will experience results you can see and that is the beauty of it.  
I have been giving myself the best facials imaginable every day with Refreshen and the cost is trivial. Wow. I never knew. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  
Bridgeport CT

Anti Ageing Skin Cream for Men

It came as no surprise (to most of us) that the actual differences in skin between men and women are minimal. Also as it turns out, skin care is every bit as beneficial to men as to women. Gender is of no, zero, consequence, none whatsoever. In contemporary culture all of us should sustain high quality maintenance of our skin, especially the face. Less than a minute a day of shower time and Refreshen Microdermabrasion anti ageing cream will maintain your face beautifully. How about that. You think that’s an exaggeration? You could do nothing for the next two or three months and just look a little older. Do you take better care of your car than you do your face? You can always get a newer car. Try Refreshen for results you see.  
I thought I was too old to look for a girlfriend after my divorce, but now I am having renewed interest since I started using your Cream (Refreshen) and I look a lot younger. I am even getting a little interest and I am pretty old too.
Pasadena, CA

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