Black Skin

Black Skin

Dark Spots: Black Skin Discoloration is a Major Problem for African Americans REFRESHEN is a Quick and Economical Fix.

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Black skin is beautiful. However, it comes with sensitivity problems. Black skin will “mark” or form dark spots easily as a result of trauma, cuts, pimple squeezing, or almost anything. Often, black skin will become two tone, even if you have never abused it. Two toned skin usually becomes more pronounced as we age. The darker areas are known as hyperpigmentation.

Most treatable hyperpigmentation resides in the surface skin cells. Regular daily REFRESHEN microdermabrasion treatments increase exfoliation which dramatically reduces this darkened discoloration. Hydroquinone-based products (lightening creams and bleaches) are not recommended in the treatment of hyperpigmented black skin. Just putting these products on a spot will change the physiology of the skin in dangerous ways over time. You will find REFRESHEN treatments to be far more effective and provide more complete healing and renewing of your skin. Try REFRESHEN and Turn Heads. - more info

REFRESHEN Works Wonders on Black Skin and Acne.

Your active acne will improve on the first day you use REFRESHEN and you will clear up in one to two weeks.  Use microdermabrasion every day in the shower to scrub your face and afterward your skin will be renewed.  You will find that any old deep pimples which never quite came to the surface, will surface and be gone once and for all.  Also you should not form new pimples because your pours will be open.  Black skin tends to have more melanin and more oil than white skin so it can form pimples more easily in response to blocked pours.  Also use a topical benzoyl peroxide product twice a day You should feel like you have scrubbed, but never be sore or stinging after treatment.  The right amount of scrubbing becomes clear with a bit of experience.  Start gently and work into it slowly over several days.  You will discover the right amount of scrubbing and pressure for you.  
Try it and be Amazed. - More Black Skin Acne Info
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The Anti-Ageing Secret: Daily Use

To get the best benefits for black skin acne or dark spots, you need to treat your face daily. You will notice, for instances, you can scrub your cheeks and forehead more aggressively than the area under your eyes. However if you just continue with daily microdermabrasion treatments the area under your eyes will become renewed, free of both darker color and wrinkles. Yes, you can have youthful, beautiful black skin again with even color. These treatments also dramatically reduce most facial wrinkles. Normally an 8oz jar of REFRESHEN microdermabrasion cream will last three to four months. Because it works so well on black skin, you will become very enthusiastic about REFRESHEN.

Try it! You’ll love it.

Do’s and Don’ts of Black Skin

There has generally been a focus on fair or light skin within the cosmetic industry in the United States. You can see this reflected in pretty much everything that takes place within the industry and one can easily spot the deeply embedded discrimination that stems from racial differences, the dominant emphasis on aesthetic and dermatological treatments and procedures that target and singularly cater to a white clientele. Enough of that!

That’s how it was up until a few years ago. Today, there is an increased attention given to the whole spectrum of skin colors and pigmentation and this has never existed in America before. In fact, it is said that soon, people of color, with beautiful black skin, will be seen as the very most attractive people in America. It’s about time, African Americans have always been attractive. Today producers and marketers of professional skincare products have considerably expanded their range, taking into consideration and catering to the ever-increasing population of various skin colors. Not so back in 1960.
From physiology we know that the difference between variations of skin color arises from the presence and amount of Melanin, a natural compound responsible for providing the skin with pigment that colors it. It is the presents of Melanocytes, their numbers and size that dictates the color of the hair, eyes, and of course, the skin. This is a trivial human variation found in human adaptive genes, also known as junk genes. They play no role in in determining our basic humanity. This is a cosmetic issue, not a human issue. There are physiologic differences between Asian, Caucasian, and African American skin, but they are superficial. The major difference is in how Dark skin reacts to irritation. Darker skin reacts stronger to Ultra Violet rays or mechanical irritation. This causes darker skin to scar, mark, and even age differently. Darker skin responses better to certain dermatological treatments and it may also not respond well to others. So, look for products that are specifically formulated for African American skin, like plum label Refreshen microdermabrasion creams and moisturizer.

Treating Hyperpigmentation in Black Skin

Unlike lightly pigmented white skin, people of color like; ethnic Africans, East Indians and Pakistanis often suffer from uneven skin tones. They are also more prone to marks, spots, and darkened skin patches or hyperpigmentation, considerably more so than their lighter skin counterparts.

This hyperpigmentation occurs because of the increase number of melanin producing cells in dark skin and these cells are easily stimulated. So, any condition or event like trauma that affects the skin can readily cause an uneven release of the pigment Melanin leading to the dark spots. Scrapes, pimple squeezing, prolonged sun exposure, or mechanical trauma all have the capacity to cause hyperpigmentation in dark skin. Even normal aging can lead to hyperpigmentation in African Americans, also known as being “two toned”. However, most hyperpigmentation occurs within the surface layers of the skin. As such it can easily be removed by the cosmetic procedure of microdermabrasion which gently exfoliates and removes the top-most layer of skin. Also removed in the top most layer of skin are dead skin cells, dirt and debris to leave behind supple, fresh, younger looking skin.
By consistently using medically approved, microdermabrasion creams such as the Refreshen Super Premium African American Microdermabrasion Cream on a daily basis you can dramatically reduce old surface discoloration from your face and neck. It is strongly recommended that dark skin people use a microdermabrasion cream formulated for your particular skin and further that you use a strength that best suites your skin. Also, it is never recommended to treat your beautiful black skin with bleach or chemical lighteners such as hydroquinone-based products which cause lasting damage to the skin.

Acne and a Deeper Skin Tone

Dark skin is more sensitive to any sort of irritant which makes it more prone to acne. There are also more and larger sebaceous glands in a dark skin as compared to lighter skin that makes people of color even more susceptible to acne. Furthermore, black skin usually reacts with a higher degree of inflammation than white skin to the same injury. All of that means means that when a pimple forms it is more likely to become inflamed, red and filled with pus. The severity of this reaction often results in exaggerated scarring known as Keloids. Also because of the increased melanin content in African American skin, people of color are more prone to residual acne scars that appear as dark spots on the face long after the acne fades away, especially in cases where you pick at, scratch or pop the pimple. So, when taking care of acne on dark skin, you need to be through and consistent, not rough. That is why you don’t use or leave heavy makeup on the face for long hours. As soon as you are in for the night, wash your face. Also, repeating this; don’t pick at your face or at pimples and further irritate your sensitive skin.
It is advisable that you be careful with your skincare routine. Use a benzoyl peroxide product under makeup to treat any existing acne and prevent it from worsening. Use a gentle microdermabrasion formulated for dark skin. Do your microdermabrasion on a daily basis to remove the dead skin from over the top of deep pimples so they can resolve.  Your daily microdermabrasion also removes the collection of ambient dirt and debris that collect on the skin sticking to oil glands. This will prevent new acne formation. In case of seriously exacerbated acne, do visit your dermatologist and seek professional help.

Tips for Using Refreshen Microdermabrasion Creams:

  • Use once a day, every daily for optimum results.
  • Use it at the same time of day, every day, preferably when you shower.
  • Use gentle circular motions to apply the product onto the face and massage the dirt out from the oil glands as well as to remove the dead skin cells.
  • Avoid being too rough to prevent soreness, stinging or irritated skin. Learn how much scrubbing is right for you; enough to leave your skin feeling scrubbed but not sore, stinging or reddened. 
  • Apply a moisturizer that complements your skin type right after your Refreshen Microdermabrasion treatment. This will re-hydrate and protect the skin.
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