Advantages of Refreshen Microdermabrasion

Anti Ageing Advantages of Refreshen Microderabrasion

Only Refreshen brand of microdermabrasion cream comes in different strengths.  This is to allow use of the strongest blend you can tolerate.  To “tolerate” means whatever strength and amount of daily scrubbing will leave no residual soreness or blushing of the skin.  The stronger the strength of your microdermabrasion cream, the faster and more complete will be your results.  We formulated both our Regular and Professional strength Refreshen formulas to take full advantage of the most recent medical literature.

When you use Refreshen Regular or Professional strength microdermabrasion, it initiates a cellular cascade of inflammation, new cell growth, and tissue remodeling as is seen in classic wound healing. This means faster more complete renewal for your facial skin because of an increase in collagen biosynthesis pathways. This strongly suggests agreement with the growing body of evidence that epidermal abrasion is sufficient to initiate dermal repair and to the extent that molecular changes can predict clinical outcome it does seem to hold true. That is great news if you use Refreshen Regular or Professional Strength microdermabrasion, as about 98% of our customers do.

The other point to bear in mind is that maintaining your daily treatments with microdermabrasion is a process of retraining your skin’s physiology to produce new skin cells and migrate them to the surface faster, as your skin did when you were younger. 

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