Anti Aging Products - Magic Bullet Elastin

Anti Aging Products - Magic Bullet Elastin

Elastin is the magic anti aging ingredient which allows skin to stretch and recoil back.  Elastin is also one of the ingredients which your body produces less of as we age, resulting in wrinkles and/or stretched out skin.  Currently there is no method for getting elastin under the skin topically; that is, at home without injections.  The elastin molecule is simply 100 times too large to penetrate the skin’s natural barrier function.  There are microscopic sized holes in your skin, however, they are far too tiny to allow a huge elastin molecule through.

Still, cosmetic manufacturers do sell and loudly proclaim elastin formulas, however, that elastin is not, repeat not, going to penetrate into your skin and you would not want it to if you knew where they got it from! The elastin listed as an ingredient in anti-aging skin care products is elastin protein from non-human sources, typically harvested from either dead cows or dead birds. The manufacturer’s theory is that this “ might possibly” promote better skin elasticity. However, back here in reality, topical elastin in anti aging skin care products has been shown to have absolutely no effect on skin elasticity. Those are fake anti aging products.

Still other cosmetic manufacturers have added nano particles to their elastin formulas. This sounds good if they say it fast.  Nano particles may be able to penetrate the skin, but they cannot drag with them a particle one hundred times larger than the hole they must pass through. Topical elastin products are not anti wrinkle creams.

The answer to depleted elastin in skin likely lies within the body’s own mechanisms for restoring elastin production. This physiologic mechanism, if it can be restored in our bodies, will certainly remove wrinkles, however it is currently under research and not available.

 Numerous medical professionals are concerned about elastin sources in cosmetic products, since this elastin comes primarily from dead animals, it potentially exposes users to animal disease. At the moment no cases of animal disease have been positively linked to use of animal elastin in cosmetics. Yet risk does remain as new and serious pathogens have made the jump from animals to humans in recent years. (Ebola – HIV – Avian flu)

Dermatologists feel that products containing elastin make false claims. One product claims to restore depleted elastin and collagen. Another claims to be made of “real anti-aging molecules”. These claims are indisputably false, but can sound persuasive when wrapped in advertising jargon which is used to sell “snake oil” type products at a artificially inflated prices. Almost all dermatologists (except a few getting royalties from sales of these products) are quite clear that elastin applied topically absolutely, positively cannot replace a depleted elastin supply in your skin. Don’t waste your money on that kind of cosmetic industry hype. Elastin skin creams will not remove wrinkles from your skin.

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