Exfoliation - The Secret of Youth

Exfoliation - The Secret of Youth

The secret of youth is no longer wasted on the young.  An advanced form of Skin exfoliation is what Refreshen home microdermabrasion does.  This is not the same as office or Dry Dermabrasion treatments.  Home microdermabrasion is less aggressive, more predictable and a long term solution which dramatically reduces wrinkles, age spots and darkened areas on your face and neck.  A younger, healthier looking face is yours in two weeks and life-changing results routinely occur in two months.  Refreshen home microdermabrasion is unbelievably affordable (about 50¢/day) and only requires one minute per day in the shower.

Exfoliation is a normal and unending process of your skin shedding its dead surface cells.  Regular daily treatments with Refreshen Microdermabrasion cream will radically improve your appearance.  Home microdermabrasion is an accelerated exfoliant (from the Latin; exfoliare or ’stripping of leaves’).  It is the only affordable choice to turn back your skin’s physiologic clock.  It is for this effect of “turning back of the clock” that you must use microdermabrasion daily.  Whereas you will see results right away, it takes eight weeks to force your skin’s physiology to change (accelerate).  No one can compel human physiology to change any faster, by any other technique known to modern medicine.  Period.  This cream works wonders, some of it right away and more as you go along. 

Plan photo visual inspections of your face after two weeks of use and again after eight weeks.  No make-up photos are the gold standard here.  Experience has demonstrated that slow improvement, over weeks, is a concession that most people will unconsciously pocket and promptly forget what they looked like some weeks ago.  It is simply human nature.  That is why before and after photos are required if you wish to see the difference.  That seems like a small investment to make, in order to regain your early appearance.  Like, ten to fifteen years ago (assuming you are age forty plus now).

A single 8 oz. jar of Refreshen Microdermabrasion cream will last three months and a 2oz Sample Starter jar will last you about one month.  Plenty of time to see for yourself if microdermabrasion will provide you the younger look you want.

Home microdermabrasion removes a small amount of your skin’s surface layer every day and will, over approximately two months, simulate more rapid production of new skin cells.  Faster cell production and replacement of skin cells promotes fresher, healthier skin with improved elasticity and improved skin texture.  This fresher, healthier skin comes with a bonus; a major reduction of winkles and dark spots on and the elimination of acne blemishes. 

Eight weeks of use will also enhance your skin’s surface qualities, like absorption, which is necessary to get the real value out of expensive moisturizers and cell regenerators.  You will see a big difference right away.  Is there a single reason that you should not look as good as possible?  Not when 50¢ a day will do this much.

Skin Exfoliation and Renewal

Four or five weeks is what is required for your body to produce a skin cell and migrate it to the surface.  In reality this model is based on young adults and it represents a “best case scenario”.  Cell renewal in persons over 40, slows down drastically both as we age and as we subject ourselves to the effects of direct sunlight.  When your skin is exposed to the sun for a long time, it responds by becoming thicker at the surface in order to protect its underlying layers.  This is a normal physiologic reaction.

Sun damaged skin appears thick, leathery and has crease lines.  Home microdermabrasion reduces this surface layer of dead skin cells.  Over a few weeks this will turn back your skin’s physiologic clock to a time when you were younger.

You merely have to stay with your daily microdermabrasion treatments to get the huge benefits. Microdermabrasion is not harmful when used as directed and can even help in the prevention of age related skin problems in adults.

Exfoliation – The Secret of Youth
We’re all more than a little concerned about the appearance of our skin and with good reason. Your skin is a true reflection of your mental and physical health. With the society’s general obsession with supple, clear skin, there is an endless variety of skincare products and procedures available in the market today. However, only a handful of treatments, cosmetics and procedures are actually beneficial to our skin, regardless of the tone, texture, or complexion. One such beneficial treatment is Exfoliation.
What is Exfoliation?
Exfoliation is the basic process of the removal of the top surface layer of the skin which are actually dead skin cells. In this manner, newer skin cells are exposed on the top and the skin is stimulated to produce more new skin cells faster as when we were younger. This gives your skin a fresher, more rejuvenated or younger look. Microdermabrasion is an enhanced form of your skin’s natural exfoliation. 
Exfoliation also removes the collection of dirt, debris, sebum, and bacteria that might have collected within the skin’s pores and this allows for better and deeper penetration of your moisturizer. Your moisturizer will absorb better after you microdermabrasion treatment.
Exfoliation is done either chemically or mechanically.  Mechanical, where the skin is scrubbed clean with the use of various types of Exfoliants, is the best for your skin. Chemical treatments are harsh, unnatural and not recommended. Lasers or other hair removal procedures also have an incidental exfoliant effect on the skin, although this is also not recommended. 
Types of Exfoliants 
Facial Scrubs
Facial scrubs are mechanical exfoliators. These scrubs have tiny abrasive beads which when rubbed onto the skin work to mechanically remove dead skin cells. There are a variety of facial scrubs that are easily available over the counter for everyday use. However, not all of them are well-suited to all types of skin and some are not effective. 
Chemical Peels
Chemical Exfoliators are available in the form of chemical peels which are essentially derivatives of naturally produced acids which are applied onto the skin’s surface to break away and dissolve the bonds that attach the dead skin cells to the fresher skin underneath. These peels are mostly containing derivatives of Tartaric acid, Glycolic Acid, and/or Lactic Acid. They are applied onto the skin surface much like cosmetic masks are and removed after a period of 5 to 10 minutes, or when they’ve completely dried. Chemical peels are not appropriate to use long term and also leave your skin more photo sensitive.
Enzyme Peels
Enzyme peels are similar to chemical peels in that they are also applied like cosmetic facemasks and are peeled off or removed with fresh warm water when completely dry. However, these peels, instead of containing acids, contain natural or botanical enzymes that are derived from fruits such as pineapple, papaya, pumpkin or mango. They are quite popular because they are thought to have anti-oxidative qualities and leave the skin refreshed.
Office and Home Based Microdermabrasion
Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure professionally performed by a licensed professional or dermatologist in a clinical setting. It involves the use and spraying of mirco-fine crystals onto the surface of the skin which are worked into the skin to remove the top most layers of dirt, debris and dead skin cells. This office procedure takes about a half an hour to perform, it is used on a wide range of skin tones and skin types for those who can tolerate the harsh procedure. Your face will be red and sore after one of these office-based procedures.
Better that expensive office based microdermabrasion is home based microdermabrasion. This is by far the best exfoliation choice, allowing you to easily perform the procedure, yourself, in the shower in the comfort of your own home. Home based microdermabrasion is not harsh and will not make your face red or sore. It is inexpensive. Use it daily for best results. Use the formula that suites your skin; Either a light skin or a dark skin formula and select a strength for your particular skin sensitivity; Regular, Sensitive Skin or Extra Sensitive Skin. Refreshen brand is a super-premium microdermabrasion cream. 
Benefits of Exfoliation
There is a variety of benefits of exfoliation. They include the following:
•    With exfoliation, brighter skin is revealed from beneath the layer of dead skin cells.
•    Exfoliation removes any dry flakes that collect on the skin making it appear softer and smoother
•    Exfoliation helps to minimize large pores, thus limiting the amount of ambient oils, bacteria and dirt that can collect on your face.
•    Exfoliation creates an even skin-tone by removing pimples as well as reducing any hyperpigmentation.
•    Exfoliation aids in tightening the skin. The abrasive effect stimulants skin cells and their collagen renewal and growth. Exfoliation reduces wrinkles, fine lines and age spots.
•     Exfoliating helps control and decrease the occurrence of bacterial acne by removing trapped oil, dirt and bacteria from the pores.
•    Exfoliation allows for a more even distribution and application of makeup and other skincare products for enhanced appearance.
Exfoliation and its Effects on African American Skin
While exfoliation is necessary for all skin types, tones and textures, it is absolutely essential for deeper skin tones, especially African American and Hispanic. This is because deeper skin tones have thicker upper layers of skin and are prone to increase oil production which can lead to acne breakouts and accumulation of dead cells and ambient dirt.
Furthermore, African American skin has a greater density of melanocytes providing the deep, rich, color. The melanocytes are particularly sensitive little cells and an accumulation of dirt and debris can trigger increased and uneven distribution of the melanin or hyperpigmentation. Trauma such as pimple squeezing also leads to hyperpigmentation or “dark spots”.
Exfoliation and Refreshen Microdermabrasion – The Secret of Youth
Regular, gentle exfoliation of black skin provides huge benefits. It improves circulation and reduces the impaction of dead skin cells which lead to pimples. Exfoliation improves oxygenation of the skin as well as reducing the skin barrier for better penetration of topical treatments such as moisturizers.
Exfoliation with Refreshen microdermabrasion cream radically improves the appearance of African American skin. Daily gentle cleaning with this product really is the best African American skincare for beautiful black skin. Exfoliation with Refreshen microdermabrasion cream aids in the removal of wrinkles and age spots as well as rejuvenates the skin to appear healthier, and younger.
Unbelievably affordable, Refreshen home microdermabrasion is easy to use, and requires only about one minute of your shower time per day. Available light skin and dark skin formulas, 2 or 8oz jars and several strengths, a single 8 oz. jar of Refreshen Microdermabrasion cream lasts three to four months, which means that it costs less than 50 cents per day of use.

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