Same Crystals, Two Different Creams

Anti-ageing Refreshen reduces wrinkles, age spots and skin discoloration.  Get results you can see right away. While Refreshen treatments are beneficial for all skin types and colors, we make two separate cream formulas one for lighter skin and one for darker skin.  This is because light and dark skin have unique properties and each benefit more from different ingredients.  So the crystals or active ingredients are the same and it is the cream formulas that are purposefully very different. 

Plum Label Formula; for People of Color

More recent scientific research on black skin indicates that Hemp seed oil is of greatest benefit. Black skin has more and larger oil glands and fibroblasts which is why black skin is more susceptible to clogging of pores and acne. Daily REFRESHEN treatments remove acne from black skin by keeping pores open. The treatments also help remove acne scars. Hemp seed oil is extremely light and highly penetrating. It is made of omega-6 and omega-3 essential fatty acids which dissolve the little sebum plugs that tend to form deep within your pores and hair follicles. Hemp seed oil also contains the rare Gamma-Linolenic acid which dark skin requires and the body cannot produce.
Black skin contains more color or Melanin and is thicker and less permeable. Hence black skin is less effective at absorption of topical creams and lotions. This is also why black skin is less susceptible to damage from the sun’s UV radiation. So we include cold pressed sweet almond oil which is extremely light, hypoallergenic and safe for use on infants. It helps protect your skin from oxidative stress keeping it softer and more supple. The light texture allows deeper penetration into the skin. Daily REFRESHEN treatments provide confirmed anti-aging skin care for black skin

Black skin also has larger and more mast cell granules. Mast cells secrete powerful bio-active mediators and when triggered, they cause inflammatory reactions. This explains some of why black skin forms dark spots and keloid formations (exaggerated scars) as well as why it has a superior healing response. You have to take the good with the bad, it’s a package deal. You don’t get to vote on physiology. Because of the high potential for inflammation in black skin we add Japanese Green Tea Leaf Extract which helps by providing an antibacterial and Antiviral effect on the skin thus reducing inflammation. Daily REFRESHEN treatments remove dark spots and skin discolorations from black skin and return your skin to a much more youthful condition.

Sandy Brown Label Formula; for Lighter Skin

Grape seed oil and Avocado oil are the staple ingredients in our Sandy Brown label.  These are the  most time-proven ingredients which have demonstrated their value in the cosmetic industry over the last sixty years.  Historically most cosmetics have been directed towards white skin. Other long proven essential ingredients include Jojoba Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe Leaf Juice, vitamin E and Silk Amino Acids.  These are the main ingredients in just about all facial creams.  Try Refreshen one time to see for yourself.  Results you can see in the mirror right away .  

The unconditional value leader in the 
microdermabrasion industry.

User Friendly Refreshen Microdermabrasion

Refreshen Microdermabrasion Creams, younger skin. Affordable Refreshen awesome results. Highest Quality skin care. Remove wrinkles, age spots and skin discolorations, acne blemishes, and even minor acne scaring from face and neck. Remove color spots and crosshatching from the backs of hands. Will improve the look of aged hands with the first application. A difference you can see.  Use daily.  You will be able to look in the mirror and know with absolute certainty that you are not deceiving yourself, it is not wishful thinking, it is actually improving your face. Send your Mom a jar because;


We provide the best anti aging products and acne treatment products at the most affordable prices.  About 50 cents a day.  Refreshen microdermabrasion products come in two different cream formulas; Light Skin and dark Skin and there are four different strengths of each.  Unique and superior to any facial wrinkle creams or acne treatment products on the market today.  Try it, see for yourself!      

Highest Quality Anti Aging Products

Refreshen microdermabrasion creams are made with only super premium ingredients.  We founded this company on the principle that all people; Men and Women deserve first-rate skincare at affordable prices.  Our Plum Label skincare products are stunningly effective on black skin.  Try it!  See for yourself.  You'll love what you look like.
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